Samavesh 2016-IBS SESSION

A  series of Panel Discussion and deliberations by the brightest minds in industry.SAMAVESH is the absorption, incorporation and assimilation of thoughts and ideas by dignitaries and sought-after individuals. Samavesh, started in 2003, is an annual event of SIMSR, conceptualized with the one point agenda of “Building Minds for Greater Times” – from insights by the experienced Industry Stalwarts and the Aspiring Managers of tomorrow.

On 16th January 2016, the SIMSR annual event – ‘Samavesh’ began with the International Business Session organized by International Business Society at SIMSR. The event had got on board some of the best industry veterans to share their experiences and insights with the students.

Our opening speaker was Mr. Rohit Bhatia, Senior General Manager-Strategic Sourcing, Mahindra and Mahindra. He put in perspective for us what it is for an Indian to have presence in an important neighbouring country of China. He shared the entire story of how Mahindra n Mahindra started operations in China with Joint Ventures as a country entry strategy and eventually consolidated all the operations with a merger. He also underscored the significance of the turning point which all companies are poised at as China’s GDP rate is declining and it is trying to transform itself into a consumption based economy.

Mr V. Somasekhar , Vice President FOREX & Treasury, AXIS Bank Ltd. gave us an engaging insight on emerging Trends & Challenges in FOREX & Treasury Management. He touched upon various investment opportunities in businesses in India for foreign  capital, discussed the risks associated with them and helped us understand how these can be mitigated. He sensitized the audience towards the role International finance plays in realizing such transactions and appealed the MBA students to prepare themselves to take up such roles and responsibilities.

We also had Mr Rohit Pandya, General Manager at ECGC limited. He spoke about risk management of MNEs in international trade and cross border investments, Insurance and risk cover for payments and importance of  assessing buyer’s risk and country’s risk for an MNE. He also gave a brief explanation of financial and non-financial risk in international scenario.

Thereafter we had Mr Amit Ganguly, Sales product Manager at St Jude Medical who spoke  about International Marketing in developing countries related to Medical products(Cardiac Surgery).He also discussed entry strategy of the company in Pakistan followed by rules and regulations and marketing techniques they use to sell their products in Pakistan.

Our closing speaker was Mr Raj Kapadia,Head-International Taxation and Transfer Pricing , TATA Steel Limited. He gave us an insight about Basic Erosion and Profit Shifting which deals with the Erosion of the Tax Bases of Countries, consequent to, substantially, Aggressive Tax Planning by their Tax Residents consisting of Shifting of their Profits to Countries with No or Low Tax. He also gave us a brief about International taxation and Dual taxation which is an important aspect of International Business .The session was very interactive for all the students and gave a good insight of the industry happenings.



What the audience witnessed on Saturday, December 5, 2015, was a brilliant brain-child of some of the top notch people of the world of advertising. It began about two decades ago and has been setting higher standards every year. The Interface, marketing committee at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, was yet again a proud organizer of the country’s only communication strategy event for FCb Ulka, one of the best advertising agencies in the country. It all started with a case study gone live some couple months ago. Ever since then preparations have been in full swing. Within the premises of K.J. Somaiya, students were attracted with a poster nowhere less funky than the case itself. Once within the proximity, they were engrossed in exciting games like Pictionary, RAW(reverse arm wrestling) and some more. The winners were given the title of Mr. or Ms. Set but the defeated were not left alone and were given a title too, however, that of Mr. or Ms. Wet. This brings us to the case study of this year, which was on the sassy Set Wet deodorants. As expected, entries came in large numbers. Entries were received from top colleges all over the country and after a lot of evaluation and shortlisting, finally, came down to only six. The finalists were invited to present their strategies for the case before esteemed judges from FCB Ulka, Mr. Dorab Sopariwala, Mr. Vidyadhar Wabgaonkar and Mrs. Ruta Patel.

The teams got their share of twenty minutes, each, to present. But time flew by as the six presentations came to an end. The audience was captivated by the amazing work of all the finalists. The judges took their share of time to grill the teams with stimulating questions. What happens when raw talent meets great experience is brilliant. After all the action, while the judges had their final negotiation and discussion, a lot of goodies were given out in the audience for answering questions relating to various brands and their advertisements. The judges soon came back and addressed the audience. They gave insights on where the teams were lacking and where they did good work. The teams clenched on to their seats as all the judges were finally invited to the stage for announcing the prizes. The team from MICA was declared the winners of Comstrat’15, and the team from SIMSR bagged the first runners up position.The happiness of the winners was very clearly visible on their faces. As for the remaining teams, the honour to be able to present on such a platform must have been a huge accomplishment in itself.


The top three teams were given cash prizes. However, all the teams were given huge bags full of goodies and certificates. Comstrat ’15 turned out to be a successful event without any glitches and a lot of learning.


Amidst piles of assignments and class tests when students were mentally drained, SIMSR’s CII YI team provided the students with a refreshing break by organizing the event ‘Triathlon 2015’. It was held on 6th December, 2015 in the KJ Somaiya campus and comprised of 3 phases –

Phase 1 – 200 meters of sprint on the race track
Phase 2 – Cycling from the tracks to the hostel building
Phase 3 – Climbing 10 floors of the hostel building

The event started at 9AM before which the excited participants prepared themselves by jogging and stretching. The participants were grouped into batches of 5 with each member of the batch starting the race at the same time. Volunteers guided the participants along the path to the hostel and volunteers were also placed on every alternate floor of the hostel building to provide refreshments to the tired participants. With a total count of nearly 50 participants, the event ended at 12PM followed by the prize distribution ceremony.

Details of the winners are as follows –


1st Position – Anup Nair – 2.47 mins
2nd Position- Kiran Karkera – 2.55 mins


1st Position – Surabhi Mulay – 4.23 mins
2nd Position- Riya Guin – 5.12 mins

The winners were given Rs.6000 worth cash prizes, medals, gift coupons and free passes to the CII Tower Run event which happened on on 13th December, 2015.

All in Quiz


The Retail Lab hosted a mega quiz event which received an overwhelming response from the participants of the college. The quiz had questions pertaining to the retail sector and had general knowledge based questions which were interesting and had one to put on a thinking cap to answer. More than 60 teams had registered for the quiz which saw three stages of quizzing. The first round was an online round which had a mix of challenging question types such as identifying the company from the given set of hints, identifying the logo of the company, and logically connecting a set of pictures and identifying the company or personality that the participants could interpret from the connection. 21 teams could manage to enter the next round of the quiz.The teams qualifying for the next round had to answer a set of questions before reaching the final round of the quiz. The second round saw maximum participation from the qualifying teams of the online round which made the contest an interesting one. A question bank was to be answered by each team in a span of 10 minutes that would ultimately determine who would reach the final and the most unique round of quizzing that the Retail Lab has ever conducted. Out of the 21 teams, 4 teams managed to qualify for the final round. The teams were DILIGENT, INQUIIZZITIVE, DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN.


The last and the final round of the quiz had four rounds of questioning, each round unique in itself. The first round of the final quiz had questions to be answered by each team for which they would be awarded 100 points to the right answers. Other teams could answer if the question pertaining to a team was not answered. The questions in the first round were trivial and had to be answered at one go. In the second round,  advertisements videos were shown to each team and they were asked to identify the brand associated with the video. After the second round, DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN were on par in terms of the points they garnered and the following round saw the fierce battle among the two teams continue. The third round had questions based on the concept of “Connect” where teams had to identify the brand from the relatively unrelated pictures that were displayed to them. This round again saw stiff competition from the two teams while INQUIIZZITIVE started catching up with them. Team DILIGENT had a lot of catching up to do to compete with the other teams. The final round saw an interesting twist of events were all teams were give an equal opportunity to win the contest.This brings us to the most exciting part of the event. The final round witnessed a change in rules. Rules similar to the game of poker were introduced and this meant that at any point in the round, the teams had an equal shot at winning the quiz event. 1000 points were given to each team to bet on the questions. At this stage DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN were still leading with INQUIIZZITIVE and DILIGENT trailing behind them. The questions asked in this round had 3 hints each. The teams were shown each hint and were allowed to bet any amount of points that they had on the hint. They had the option of betting or checking if they were unsure of the answer at the first hint. If no team bet at the first hint, the second hint would be shown and the teams would be given an opportunity to bet on it. This was applicable for the next hint as well. If the team answered at the first hint itself, the points invested by them and the other teams would be doubled and the winning team would get all the points. If the teams could not give the answer, the points bet by all teams would be carried forward to the next round, giving an opportunity of grabbing everything at one go. The second hint answered would fetch 1.5 times the amount of points bet and the third hint wold fetch 1 time the points bet. This twist in rules brought a level of excitement in the crowd as well as to the teams that were strategically planning and taking decisions on how and when to bet on the hints.

The quiz ended up being a cracker of an event with the points of each team going up and down like day trading. In the end, it was the answer to the last question that ensured that the team of DOUBLE BARREL edge past that of SLOWMEN in a nail biting finish. The difference in the points of both these teams in the end were close and it ensured that the event was of high intensity. Such was the level of quizzing that the participants of the teams were anxious and nervous about the hints that would be thrown at them. Tough questions to answer, the rules hanging over the heads of the team members, the crowd anxiously waiting for the best team to win, all of this made the quiz a unique experience for all the participants and the crowd.

It is the endeavour of the Retail Lab to come up with unique events that would transform the way they are usually conducted and the ALL IN Quiz was a sincere effort on the part of the committee to achieve that. With the event turning out to be a successful one, we plan to organize many more such events that will be interesting, informative and competitive and the Retail Lab promises to work in that direction. We hope to see active participation from the students in the future events of the Retail Lab.

WINNERS: DOUBLE BARREL (Jithin George & Varun Ratnakaran)

RUNNER’S UP: SLOWMEN (Garv Shah & Aadhar Prasad)



Panel Discussion on the topic“Evolution of Consulting Industry in India.”


The last and the final day of Consultancy Week concluded on 12th December 2015 with a panel discussion on “Evolution of Consulting Industry in India.” The discussion revolved around the past,present and future of the consulting industry. And needless to say, it was a grand success with veterans from consulting industry giving their views on various aspects of consulting. The panel included:

1. Mr. Anil Talreja – Partner at Deloitte
2. Mr. Prem Chandrani – Professor of Strategy, Finance and Accounting, S.P. Jain Institute ofManagement & Research, Former Director in Strategy Consulting, PwC
3. Mr. Deepak Narayanan – Co-founder & Director of MyCFO India, Former Assistant Manager at Ernst & Young



The discussion was beautifully moderated by our very own faculty Prof. Sunil Parmar.The discussion was an eye opener for a lot of us sitting in the audience. We think all of us are privileged enough to have our queries addressed by such eminent personalities in such a fun and interactive manner.

Undoubtedly it was a spectacle worth witnessing!!!

Samadhaan – The Sector Wars Competition

In the first of its kind event called “Consultancy Week”, students and faculty appreciated the dedication that the committee put in to make it successful.

On the second day (11th December 2015), Samadhaan – a sector war competition was organized by the committee. The purpose of conducting this unique kind of competition was to test the skills of the participants who wish to be future consultants in their career. This kind of competition was aimed to bring out the best out of each of the participants in terms of content, research on the case, feasibility of the solution, cost effectiveness and ability to convince the client (judges in this case.)

Samadhaan was an inter-college case study competition, which comprised of 3 rounds. First round was an online quiz which saw more than 240 students from across Indian B-schools participating. Teams had to register in a group of 2 or 3. Out of 80 teams which registered, 28 qualified to round 2. These teams were divided in 4 groups of seven teams each. Each group was given a case study and was asked to come up with a solution to the problem statement.

The cases were from the following sector:

1. The Automobile Sector

2. Hospitality and Tourism Sector

3. Healthcare sector

4. E-commerce sector

The teams were given 3 days to send their presentations. Complete evaluation of these responses was performed and 4 teams were called for the final round to the KJ SIMSR campus during the Consulting Week. The teams presented the cases in front of the audience and the esteemed jury – Narayan Krishnaswamy, Vice President, Client delivery MyCFO and Prof. Ramkishen, Marketing Faculty, KJ SIMSR.

The battle was extremely difficult as each team tried to convince the judge and the audience that their solution was the most ideal one. Things became intense during the Q&A round from the opposing teams. This round tested the ability of the consultants to deal with stress and unexpected questions.

Finally results were declared and there were two prizes given – winner (SCMHRD) and runners-up



Feedback received from the team and judges about the competition was excellent, which further encouraged the organizers.

Consultancy week@SIMSR


Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man. So it would be a reasonable statement to make that if he abandons his pursuit of knowledge, he is probably stagnating in life free flowing further away from the mark of an enlightened individual.

… Because knowledge is power…and wisdom is realizing it.

The Consultancy @ SIMSR Committee successfully inaugurated its first event “Bootcamp” which was conducted on the first day of The Consultancy Week. What better than knowledge enhancing speeches; by some of the best in the industry, made right here in Somaiya!

The Bootcamp commenced with Mr. Pankaj Wadhwan CEO of Blueshift Institute of Real Estate and Finance giving the students a speech on financial modelling and project appraisal. With his interactive style of speech, Mr. Wadhwan had real interesting give away on some of the following

Key points:

 Importance of financial modelling

 Difference between accounts and finance

 Benchmarking

 Forecasting Profit/Loss, Balance sheet etc.


The Educational Institution also partnered with C@S to conduct a case study competition based on financial modelling. The winner of the competition is going to receive an opportunity to do a four month certification course on Financial Modelling worth INR 35,000/- free of cost.

The session on “Financial Modelling” was then immediately succeeded by a talk on “Digital Marketing” by Mr. Rahul Avasthy, who we are proud to say, is an alumnus of Somaiya! With his humour laced matter of fact style of speaking, he had our immediate attention! He commenced his speech with the importance of Digital Marketing and how it has evolved over the years with several fascinating examples across industries. Some of the key points he touched upon were as follows:

 Progress in the field of Digital Marketing

 Importance of social media in Digital Marketing

 How ethical marketing helps increase viewership

 Video Analysis to understand what makes a successful advertisement

At the end of the day, when the mikes were set down and each went his way, what remained mutual amongst each, was the gain of knowledge. With new insights and new ideas brought to the table, we all went back a little richer and a little smarter than before.


How you may ask?…

To reiterate… Because knowledge is power.. and wisdom is realizing it.