A Journey Down the Memory lane

On the 21st of January,KJSIMSR organised the annual Alumni Reunion- ‘Nostalgia’ .The name of the event couldn’t have been more apt .It really made our alumni nostalgic when they visited the campus.The theme of the event also added to the gush of reminiscence .It began with Dr.Monica Khanna , Director, addressing the alumni, followed by a short performance by the students. The batch of 1986 was felicitated to honor their 30th anniversary.  Faculties including Dr.Radha Iyer also addressed the alumni.Through this, the alumni got a chance to know about the various initiatives that the students are taking in their respective  committees by setting up their stalls for the event. Alums caught up with old friends and *socialized* with each other. Things like “Remember that place where we used to play cricket ,there’s a building instead” *was how they visited their old times* .More than a normal get- together, this is also a platform where  SIMSR celebrates the achievements of its alumni.


In the evening the event started with *Mr. Sameer Somiaya* ,President, Somaiya Vidyavihar,addressing the alumni. The highlight of the event was a  performance by the renowned Bollywood singer Shriram Iyer.
The chief purpose of the SAR is to keep SIMSR Alumni connected with their Alma Mater. Somaiya has a huge alumni base spread across the globe and Somaiya strives to build lasting relations with all its alumni so that we can leverage the huge network of alumni and can also contribute towards the development of Somaiya Vidyavihar.



Melange’s Contingent Lead (CL) Meet Program at SIMSR gets rolling!

MELANGE 2017, the flagship event of our Institute is the most awaited fest of the year. Organized by a set of few enthusiastic and dedicated students, Melange sees an amalgamation of various Management, Cultural and Informal events, which makes it one of the biggest B-school fests in India. The event has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has kept pace with the changing times.

Organized in one of the largest campuses of India, the Somaiya Campus, Melange grabs eyeballs from about 32 Institutes within campus and over 200 colleges across the country. This year, what is more interesting is the theme of our fest: GET! SET! START-UP!

In recent times, START-UP culture has attracted youngsters and budding entrepreneurs.The vibrant work atmosphere, ideation and the feel of independence resonate with it. To share the same feel, we invited Contingent Leaders from various colleges across the nation on 21st Jan.,2017. The CL meet organised by K J SIMSR witnessed the participation of Contingent Leaders of various top B-colleges as the official Representative of Melange in their respective Institutes.
Some of the college represented were Symbiosis Institute, Xaviers Institute, MET, SIES , MITSOM , D.Y. Patil University and many more.


The event saw a fruitful collaboration and exchange of ideas between CLs of different colleges. The interesting discussion revolved around the theme “Get! Set! StartUp!”,some new ideas bubbled up, some similar views were shared and new friendly bonds were made. As put by SIMC Institute’s CL , the meeting was like Convergence of Indian Young Minds.

As they say, Divided by borders, United by Thoughts!

The event started with a warm welcome of our CLs through a short video on their respective college fests to acknowledge and applaud the hard-work and effort they put to make those events a grand affair. Proudly presented was the legacy of Melange and  then the CLs were walked down through Melange 2017’s three day plan starting from 16th Feb, 2017 to 18th Feb, 2017.

To get to know our CLs more informally, we organized few fun activities like Quiz titled “CLIMAX KE BAAD” where in questions regarding celebrity owned/sponsored Startups were quizzed about. It was fun to test how many our CLs are the true movie Buffs and Celebrity fans. The second game played was PICTIONARY on famous start-ups. This time, our team’s aesthetic and creative skills put to test when we drew and our CLs tried to guess the Start-up and at times even laughed hard at our drawings. The winners of both the games won goodies as a part reward. Nevertheless, it was a fun interacting with them and knowing that we got an enthusiastic batch of CLs.

At the conclusion of our CL-Meet Program, CLs shared their reviews, feedback and Insights on our board and the session ended on a happy note.The success of our first Melange CL Meet was truly remarkable.dsc_0294

With that we officially marked the start of Melange 2017, making the Melange page go live post the meet. We extend our regards and gratitude to thank all our CLs to take out some time from their schedule and making it a memorable day for all of us. Looking forward for more such successful collaborations with other B-Schools and a grander event in the years to come.




ANKUR” signifies the Blossom…

Ankur Logo

Blossoming of ingenuous minds to cultured cognizance.

ANKUR” – An Experiential Learning Initiative (ELI) by K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai (SIMSR) aims at developing a robust learning environment that amalgamates all aspects of learning and provides holistic development of a management student. It is aligned with the institute’s vision and mission and its emphasis is on social and ethical responsibility. It emphasizes on development of emotional competencies along with managerial skills.

The Experiential Learning Cell of SIMSR gives a platform to management students to work towards social responsibility by mentoring kids of Vinay Mandir, a vernacular medium school from standard 5th to 8th to teach Basic English and Communication skills. The primary objective of this initiative by SIMSR is to teach the children of a Gujarati medium school, to speak, read, write and understand basic vocal English. It tries to accomplish the objective by roping in the greatest personnel at work: Students of SIMSR.

Ankur, for the year 2016, sowed its seeds on 12th of August. The eight month mentorship Initiative kicked off by four volunteer faculty members committee comprising of Prof. Gita Sashidharan, Dr. Poonam Chauhan, Dr. Prema Basargekar and Dr. Radha Iyer. After the ideation and development of the ELI program, the execution is done along with the SIMSR students. 50 students from SIMSR have been selected this year to facilitate this noble cause of teaching Basic English language & communication skills. Ankur truly resonates with its tagline ‘Nurturing Lives’ by giving a euphoric experience to students through a 4-step process of Active Listening, Active Speaking, Active Writing and Active Learning. Activities like ‘Home Visit’ to understand the socio-economic conditions of students and ‘Movie Screening’ for kids are carried out by the faculty and volunteers of SIMSR to enhance student engagement in the process of learning.

Ankur has certainly given a gamut of experiences to Student Volunteers who are called as “Mentors”. They are enriched with a unique and rich experience, a sense of pride and the joy of giving back the society what they can.


TEACHERS are not “just” teachers; they are the MANAGERS who manage the greatest resource: CHILDREN

-Robert John Meehan

Every Friday Students of SIMSR gather at Somaiya Vinay Mandir School between 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. with a modest agenda of spreading knowledge and joy to little kids. The smiles of those kids keep the spirit alive. Hope “ANKUR” soon blossoms into a sweet fruit and spreads the fresh air of goodness to the imminent society of India. With this Management endeavour SIMSR certainly strengthens Somaiya Trust vision of “Knowledge Alone Liberates”.

Flavors of Festivals @SIMSR

Somaiya Institute is one of the esteem Institute which has earned it’s brand name not only for it’s illustrious academics but also for inculcating and imbibing the cultural and traditional values among it’s students. In this light, to encourage its students to celebrate the positive energy of Navratri, faculty and staff of K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research collectively organized Garba night for it’s Management students.

The fanfare was full of colorful and vibrant enthusiasts from the college. With distinct flavors of Gujarati ethnicity, students cavorted to the Garba beats and scaled up to the fervor of Navratri. The festival of nine nights singularly opens students up to new festive experiences. While puja and fasting rituals mark the day, the evening of Shashti (7th October, 2016) was for exulting in the dancing thrills.


Being a multicultural institute in Mumbai, SIMSR indulgently took a step to celebrate Durga Puja by organizing Bengali Bhuribhoj(special Bengal style lunch) which had an aroma of diversity and warmth. Students who hail from Bengal were adorned in their traditional Bengali ethnic attire and were busy explaining to their friends the names of the delicious spread of dishes and describing to them the unique preparation process for each dish. This proliferated the joy of Durga Puja among other SIMSRites.

SIMSR has enjoyed an air of festivities aggrandized by Gujarati and Bengali cultures. The memories students made in this week are gonna be cherished by everyone in years to come.

Guru & Ganesha

5th September, 2016, brought a beautiful coincidence when the auspicious eve of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with Teacher’s Day.

The gamut of knowledge, learning and guidance teachers bestow us with is indubitably vast. In competitive world of MBA program, teachers are the ones who are our torch bearer in all kinds of experiences we face here. Students coming from diverse background look up to teachers for their insights and feedbacks. On the eve of Teacher’s Day at SIMSR, we celebrate the positive energy and facilitating nature of our illustrious faculties. We are highly grateful for the endurance and believe they have in us and our capabilities.


Under the shadow of such dynamic faculty, students of SIMSR organized Ganesh Utsav at our campus. Amidst placement rigmarole, assignment completion and plethora of presentations, students of KJ SIMSR did not miss a chance to welcome Ganpati Bappa with a bang. And when we say with a bang we mean it literally. After working on assignments till 5 in the morning, students greeted Bappa while dancing to the beats of the dhol. SIMSR was out-and-out drenched in joy and the festive mood. Amidst rhythm of Dhol, Gulal filled Air and clamour of ‘Ganpati Bappa Moryaaa’, we welcomed our favourite Lord, The God of Gods, Shri Ganesha!
With the festive mood on, slowly and swiftly the highly managed students were smitten with the charm and energy of Lord Ganesha. It didn’t take long for the students from various parts of India to fall in love with the Single-husked Lord.
Students with great enthusiasm, worship and celebrate the stay of Lord, who is here to bless us for three days. With exciting games and get-togethers, the spirit of festival was prevalent in all nook and corners of SIMSR. Students did a great job in arranging the grand event with full passion and dedication. On behalf of the whole SIMSR, we wish everyone Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


The seeds of worthy knowledge have been sowed by our teachers, may Lord Ganesha shower His blessings on them and we grow not only in our career ladder but also in our personal life!

E-Week by Ecell

On 22nd February, 2016, the Pathfinder Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell had organized an entrepreneurship Inter B- School quiz competition “Quizzo-Preneur”. The quiz competition was among the series of activities organized by us to celebrate this year’s Entrepreneurship Week,which comes up from the 20-27, February 2016.

The competition in which six B- schools contested was held at K.J Somaiya Institute of Management and Studies(SIMSR). The B-schools that participated in the quiz were Mithibai College, Sydenham, N.L Dalmia , NMIMS , Welingkar and SIMSR.

Pathfinder Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell decided to involve students in the celebration in order to inculcate the sense of entrepreneurship to the students We added that in celebration of the week. We had our first round as Online Quiz Round in which 18 teams were shortlisted.

Further Rounds were held on 22nd February. We had in total 4 Rounds to decide which team will be “Quizzo-Preneur”. First Prize for the winner was Rs 2000 which was won by Team “Biz Stud” from Mithibai college and the runners up were from SIMSR -Team “Inquisitive” and they received a cash prize of Rs 1000.