A Journey Down the Memory lane

On the 21st of January,KJSIMSR organised the annual Alumni Reunion- ‘Nostalgia’ .The name of the event couldn’t have been more apt .It really made our alumni nostalgic when they visited the campus.The theme of the event also added to the gush of reminiscence .It began with Dr.Monica Khanna , Director, addressing the alumni, followed by a short performance by the students. The batch of 1986 was felicitated to honor their 30th anniversary.  Faculties including Dr.Radha Iyer also addressed the alumni.Through this, the alumni got a chance to know about the various initiatives that the students are taking in their respective  committees by setting up their stalls for the event. Alums caught up with old friends and *socialized* with each other. Things like “Remember that place where we used to play cricket ,there’s a building instead” *was how they visited their old times* .More than a normal get- together, this is also a platform where  SIMSR celebrates the achievements of its alumni.


In the evening the event started with *Mr. Sameer Somiaya* ,President, Somaiya Vidyavihar,addressing the alumni. The highlight of the event was a  performance by the renowned Bollywood singer Shriram Iyer.
The chief purpose of the SAR is to keep SIMSR Alumni connected with their Alma Mater. Somaiya has a huge alumni base spread across the globe and Somaiya strives to build lasting relations with all its alumni so that we can leverage the huge network of alumni and can also contribute towards the development of Somaiya Vidyavihar.


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