Melange’s Contingent Lead (CL) Meet Program at SIMSR gets rolling!

MELANGE 2017, the flagship event of our Institute is the most awaited fest of the year. Organized by a set of few enthusiastic and dedicated students, Melange sees an amalgamation of various Management, Cultural and Informal events, which makes it one of the biggest B-school fests in India. The event has grown leaps and bounds over the years and has kept pace with the changing times.

Organized in one of the largest campuses of India, the Somaiya Campus, Melange grabs eyeballs from about 32 Institutes within campus and over 200 colleges across the country. This year, what is more interesting is the theme of our fest: GET! SET! START-UP!

In recent times, START-UP culture has attracted youngsters and budding entrepreneurs.The vibrant work atmosphere, ideation and the feel of independence resonate with it. To share the same feel, we invited Contingent Leaders from various colleges across the nation on 21st Jan.,2017. The CL meet organised by K J SIMSR witnessed the participation of Contingent Leaders of various top B-colleges as the official Representative of Melange in their respective Institutes.
Some of the college represented were Symbiosis Institute, Xaviers Institute, MET, SIES , MITSOM , D.Y. Patil University and many more.


The event saw a fruitful collaboration and exchange of ideas between CLs of different colleges. The interesting discussion revolved around the theme “Get! Set! StartUp!”,some new ideas bubbled up, some similar views were shared and new friendly bonds were made. As put by SIMC Institute’s CL , the meeting was like Convergence of Indian Young Minds.

As they say, Divided by borders, United by Thoughts!

The event started with a warm welcome of our CLs through a short video on their respective college fests to acknowledge and applaud the hard-work and effort they put to make those events a grand affair. Proudly presented was the legacy of Melange and  then the CLs were walked down through Melange 2017’s three day plan starting from 16th Feb, 2017 to 18th Feb, 2017.

To get to know our CLs more informally, we organized few fun activities like Quiz titled “CLIMAX KE BAAD” where in questions regarding celebrity owned/sponsored Startups were quizzed about. It was fun to test how many our CLs are the true movie Buffs and Celebrity fans. The second game played was PICTIONARY on famous start-ups. This time, our team’s aesthetic and creative skills put to test when we drew and our CLs tried to guess the Start-up and at times even laughed hard at our drawings. The winners of both the games won goodies as a part reward. Nevertheless, it was a fun interacting with them and knowing that we got an enthusiastic batch of CLs.

At the conclusion of our CL-Meet Program, CLs shared their reviews, feedback and Insights on our board and the session ended on a happy note.The success of our first Melange CL Meet was truly remarkable.dsc_0294

With that we officially marked the start of Melange 2017, making the Melange page go live post the meet. We extend our regards and gratitude to thank all our CLs to take out some time from their schedule and making it a memorable day for all of us. Looking forward for more such successful collaborations with other B-Schools and a grander event in the years to come.



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