Flavors of Festivals @SIMSR

Somaiya Institute is one of the esteem Institute which has earned it’s brand name not only for it’s illustrious academics but also for inculcating and imbibing the cultural and traditional values among it’s students. In this light, to encourage its students to celebrate the positive energy of Navratri, faculty and staff of K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research collectively organized Garba night for it’s Management students.

The fanfare was full of colorful and vibrant enthusiasts from the college. With distinct flavors of Gujarati ethnicity, students cavorted to the Garba beats and scaled up to the fervor of Navratri. The festival of nine nights singularly opens students up to new festive experiences. While puja and fasting rituals mark the day, the evening of Shashti (7th October, 2016) was for exulting in the dancing thrills.


Being a multicultural institute in Mumbai, SIMSR indulgently took a step to celebrate Durga Puja by organizing Bengali Bhuribhoj(special Bengal style lunch) which had an aroma of diversity and warmth. Students who hail from Bengal were adorned in their traditional Bengali ethnic attire and were busy explaining to their friends the names of the delicious spread of dishes and describing to them the unique preparation process for each dish. This proliferated the joy of Durga Puja among other SIMSRites.

SIMSR has enjoyed an air of festivities aggrandized by Gujarati and Bengali cultures. The memories students made in this week are gonna be cherished by everyone in years to come.


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