Guru & Ganesha

5th September, 2016, brought a beautiful coincidence when the auspicious eve of Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with Teacher’s Day.

The gamut of knowledge, learning and guidance teachers bestow us with is indubitably vast. In competitive world of MBA program, teachers are the ones who are our torch bearer in all kinds of experiences we face here. Students coming from diverse background look up to teachers for their insights and feedbacks. On the eve of Teacher’s Day at SIMSR, we celebrate the positive energy and facilitating nature of our illustrious faculties. We are highly grateful for the endurance and believe they have in us and our capabilities.


Under the shadow of such dynamic faculty, students of SIMSR organized Ganesh Utsav at our campus. Amidst placement rigmarole, assignment completion and plethora of presentations, students of KJ SIMSR did not miss a chance to welcome Ganpati Bappa with a bang. And when we say with a bang we mean it literally. After working on assignments till 5 in the morning, students greeted Bappa while dancing to the beats of the dhol. SIMSR was out-and-out drenched in joy and the festive mood. Amidst rhythm of Dhol, Gulal filled Air and clamour of ‘Ganpati Bappa Moryaaa’, we welcomed our favourite Lord, The God of Gods, Shri Ganesha!
With the festive mood on, slowly and swiftly the highly managed students were smitten with the charm and energy of Lord Ganesha. It didn’t take long for the students from various parts of India to fall in love with the Single-husked Lord.
Students with great enthusiasm, worship and celebrate the stay of Lord, who is here to bless us for three days. With exciting games and get-togethers, the spirit of festival was prevalent in all nook and corners of SIMSR. Students did a great job in arranging the grand event with full passion and dedication. On behalf of the whole SIMSR, we wish everyone Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!


The seeds of worthy knowledge have been sowed by our teachers, may Lord Ganesha shower His blessings on them and we grow not only in our career ladder but also in our personal life!


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