Samavesh: Panel Discussion on Leadership and Succession Planning


 Mr. Kamlesh Dangi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Religare
 Mr. Shyamal Bhattacharya, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
 Mr. Procyon Mukherjee, President of Central Logistics Function, Aditya Birla Group

Humanist – the HR Club of SIMSR, organized a panel discussion as part of the annual event Samavesh on January 16, 2016. The topic for the discussion was ‘Leadership and Succession Planning’.

The event started with welcoming the panelists followed by a short introduction of Samavesh. To set the tone for the panel discussion, the panelists and the audience were given a glimpse of the digital posters which we received for the ‘Digital Poster Making Competition’, the theme of which was the same as that of the discussion.

A brief introduction of the panelists helped the students get familiar with the expertise and experience of the panelists and get ready with their questions. The panel discussion began with each of the panelists sharing his views on the topic of discussion.

The two panelists then addressed the audience. They shed light on their experiences as employees and leaders in various organizations and the need for firms to have a vision. They also emphasized the changing norms in the corporate culture by giving examples of how employees no longer tend to be employed by a single firm for long. The need for firms to be flexible was also touched upon.

The panel discussion was then opened by Mr. Kamlesh Dangi with the essential ingredients of a successful Leadership and Succession Planning process. The discussion mainly focussed on how organizations need to create value-based and innovative visions and missions. The discussion moved to topics about the changing organizational hierarchy, which is becoming flatter, and also the contextual nature of succession planning. The panelists emphasized the need of creating socially responsible leaders. The panelists concluded by giving anecdotes of succession planning, some successful and others unsuccessful.

The session was concluded with a vote of thanks to the students, faculty and panelists who made the event so successful. The panel discussion was very informative to students and faculty members alike, and it showed in the applause the panelists received from them.


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