Samavesh 2016-IBS SESSION

A  series of Panel Discussion and deliberations by the brightest minds in industry.SAMAVESH is the absorption, incorporation and assimilation of thoughts and ideas by dignitaries and sought-after individuals. Samavesh, started in 2003, is an annual event of SIMSR, conceptualized with the one point agenda of “Building Minds for Greater Times” – from insights by the experienced Industry Stalwarts and the Aspiring Managers of tomorrow.

On 16th January 2016, the SIMSR annual event – ‘Samavesh’ began with the International Business Session organized by International Business Society at SIMSR. The event had got on board some of the best industry veterans to share their experiences and insights with the students.

Our opening speaker was Mr. Rohit Bhatia, Senior General Manager-Strategic Sourcing, Mahindra and Mahindra. He put in perspective for us what it is for an Indian to have presence in an important neighbouring country of China. He shared the entire story of how Mahindra n Mahindra started operations in China with Joint Ventures as a country entry strategy and eventually consolidated all the operations with a merger. He also underscored the significance of the turning point which all companies are poised at as China’s GDP rate is declining and it is trying to transform itself into a consumption based economy.

Mr V. Somasekhar , Vice President FOREX & Treasury, AXIS Bank Ltd. gave us an engaging insight on emerging Trends & Challenges in FOREX & Treasury Management. He touched upon various investment opportunities in businesses in India for foreign  capital, discussed the risks associated with them and helped us understand how these can be mitigated. He sensitized the audience towards the role International finance plays in realizing such transactions and appealed the MBA students to prepare themselves to take up such roles and responsibilities.

We also had Mr Rohit Pandya, General Manager at ECGC limited. He spoke about risk management of MNEs in international trade and cross border investments, Insurance and risk cover for payments and importance of  assessing buyer’s risk and country’s risk for an MNE. He also gave a brief explanation of financial and non-financial risk in international scenario.

Thereafter we had Mr Amit Ganguly, Sales product Manager at St Jude Medical who spoke  about International Marketing in developing countries related to Medical products(Cardiac Surgery).He also discussed entry strategy of the company in Pakistan followed by rules and regulations and marketing techniques they use to sell their products in Pakistan.

Our closing speaker was Mr Raj Kapadia,Head-International Taxation and Transfer Pricing , TATA Steel Limited. He gave us an insight about Basic Erosion and Profit Shifting which deals with the Erosion of the Tax Bases of Countries, consequent to, substantially, Aggressive Tax Planning by their Tax Residents consisting of Shifting of their Profits to Countries with No or Low Tax. He also gave us a brief about International taxation and Dual taxation which is an important aspect of International Business .The session was very interactive for all the students and gave a good insight of the industry happenings.


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