All in Quiz


The Retail Lab hosted a mega quiz event which received an overwhelming response from the participants of the college. The quiz had questions pertaining to the retail sector and had general knowledge based questions which were interesting and had one to put on a thinking cap to answer. More than 60 teams had registered for the quiz which saw three stages of quizzing. The first round was an online round which had a mix of challenging question types such as identifying the company from the given set of hints, identifying the logo of the company, and logically connecting a set of pictures and identifying the company or personality that the participants could interpret from the connection. 21 teams could manage to enter the next round of the quiz.The teams qualifying for the next round had to answer a set of questions before reaching the final round of the quiz. The second round saw maximum participation from the qualifying teams of the online round which made the contest an interesting one. A question bank was to be answered by each team in a span of 10 minutes that would ultimately determine who would reach the final and the most unique round of quizzing that the Retail Lab has ever conducted. Out of the 21 teams, 4 teams managed to qualify for the final round. The teams were DILIGENT, INQUIIZZITIVE, DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN.


The last and the final round of the quiz had four rounds of questioning, each round unique in itself. The first round of the final quiz had questions to be answered by each team for which they would be awarded 100 points to the right answers. Other teams could answer if the question pertaining to a team was not answered. The questions in the first round were trivial and had to be answered at one go. In the second round,  advertisements videos were shown to each team and they were asked to identify the brand associated with the video. After the second round, DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN were on par in terms of the points they garnered and the following round saw the fierce battle among the two teams continue. The third round had questions based on the concept of “Connect” where teams had to identify the brand from the relatively unrelated pictures that were displayed to them. This round again saw stiff competition from the two teams while INQUIIZZITIVE started catching up with them. Team DILIGENT had a lot of catching up to do to compete with the other teams. The final round saw an interesting twist of events were all teams were give an equal opportunity to win the contest.This brings us to the most exciting part of the event. The final round witnessed a change in rules. Rules similar to the game of poker were introduced and this meant that at any point in the round, the teams had an equal shot at winning the quiz event. 1000 points were given to each team to bet on the questions. At this stage DOUBLE BARREL and SLOWMEN were still leading with INQUIIZZITIVE and DILIGENT trailing behind them. The questions asked in this round had 3 hints each. The teams were shown each hint and were allowed to bet any amount of points that they had on the hint. They had the option of betting or checking if they were unsure of the answer at the first hint. If no team bet at the first hint, the second hint would be shown and the teams would be given an opportunity to bet on it. This was applicable for the next hint as well. If the team answered at the first hint itself, the points invested by them and the other teams would be doubled and the winning team would get all the points. If the teams could not give the answer, the points bet by all teams would be carried forward to the next round, giving an opportunity of grabbing everything at one go. The second hint answered would fetch 1.5 times the amount of points bet and the third hint wold fetch 1 time the points bet. This twist in rules brought a level of excitement in the crowd as well as to the teams that were strategically planning and taking decisions on how and when to bet on the hints.

The quiz ended up being a cracker of an event with the points of each team going up and down like day trading. In the end, it was the answer to the last question that ensured that the team of DOUBLE BARREL edge past that of SLOWMEN in a nail biting finish. The difference in the points of both these teams in the end were close and it ensured that the event was of high intensity. Such was the level of quizzing that the participants of the teams were anxious and nervous about the hints that would be thrown at them. Tough questions to answer, the rules hanging over the heads of the team members, the crowd anxiously waiting for the best team to win, all of this made the quiz a unique experience for all the participants and the crowd.

It is the endeavour of the Retail Lab to come up with unique events that would transform the way they are usually conducted and the ALL IN Quiz was a sincere effort on the part of the committee to achieve that. With the event turning out to be a successful one, we plan to organize many more such events that will be interesting, informative and competitive and the Retail Lab promises to work in that direction. We hope to see active participation from the students in the future events of the Retail Lab.

WINNERS: DOUBLE BARREL (Jithin George & Varun Ratnakaran)

RUNNER’S UP: SLOWMEN (Garv Shah & Aadhar Prasad)




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