Samadhaan – The Sector Wars Competition

In the first of its kind event called “Consultancy Week”, students and faculty appreciated the dedication that the committee put in to make it successful.

On the second day (11th December 2015), Samadhaan – a sector war competition was organized by the committee. The purpose of conducting this unique kind of competition was to test the skills of the participants who wish to be future consultants in their career. This kind of competition was aimed to bring out the best out of each of the participants in terms of content, research on the case, feasibility of the solution, cost effectiveness and ability to convince the client (judges in this case.)

Samadhaan was an inter-college case study competition, which comprised of 3 rounds. First round was an online quiz which saw more than 240 students from across Indian B-schools participating. Teams had to register in a group of 2 or 3. Out of 80 teams which registered, 28 qualified to round 2. These teams were divided in 4 groups of seven teams each. Each group was given a case study and was asked to come up with a solution to the problem statement.

The cases were from the following sector:

1. The Automobile Sector

2. Hospitality and Tourism Sector

3. Healthcare sector

4. E-commerce sector

The teams were given 3 days to send their presentations. Complete evaluation of these responses was performed and 4 teams were called for the final round to the KJ SIMSR campus during the Consulting Week. The teams presented the cases in front of the audience and the esteemed jury – Narayan Krishnaswamy, Vice President, Client delivery MyCFO and Prof. Ramkishen, Marketing Faculty, KJ SIMSR.

The battle was extremely difficult as each team tried to convince the judge and the audience that their solution was the most ideal one. Things became intense during the Q&A round from the opposing teams. This round tested the ability of the consultants to deal with stress and unexpected questions.

Finally results were declared and there were two prizes given – winner (SCMHRD) and runners-up



Feedback received from the team and judges about the competition was excellent, which further encouraged the organizers.


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