Consultancy week@SIMSR


Knowledge is the treasure of a wise man. So it would be a reasonable statement to make that if he abandons his pursuit of knowledge, he is probably stagnating in life free flowing further away from the mark of an enlightened individual.

… Because knowledge is power…and wisdom is realizing it.

The Consultancy @ SIMSR Committee successfully inaugurated its first event “Bootcamp” which was conducted on the first day of The Consultancy Week. What better than knowledge enhancing speeches; by some of the best in the industry, made right here in Somaiya!

The Bootcamp commenced with Mr. Pankaj Wadhwan CEO of Blueshift Institute of Real Estate and Finance giving the students a speech on financial modelling and project appraisal. With his interactive style of speech, Mr. Wadhwan had real interesting give away on some of the following

Key points:

 Importance of financial modelling

 Difference between accounts and finance

 Benchmarking

 Forecasting Profit/Loss, Balance sheet etc.


The Educational Institution also partnered with C@S to conduct a case study competition based on financial modelling. The winner of the competition is going to receive an opportunity to do a four month certification course on Financial Modelling worth INR 35,000/- free of cost.

The session on “Financial Modelling” was then immediately succeeded by a talk on “Digital Marketing” by Mr. Rahul Avasthy, who we are proud to say, is an alumnus of Somaiya! With his humour laced matter of fact style of speaking, he had our immediate attention! He commenced his speech with the importance of Digital Marketing and how it has evolved over the years with several fascinating examples across industries. Some of the key points he touched upon were as follows:

 Progress in the field of Digital Marketing

 Importance of social media in Digital Marketing

 How ethical marketing helps increase viewership

 Video Analysis to understand what makes a successful advertisement

At the end of the day, when the mikes were set down and each went his way, what remained mutual amongst each, was the gain of knowledge. With new insights and new ideas brought to the table, we all went back a little richer and a little smarter than before.


How you may ask?…

To reiterate… Because knowledge is power.. and wisdom is realizing it.

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