On 26th September 2015, IBS@SIMSR organized their flagship event PANGEA 2015- The International Business Conference. The event had on board some of the leading industry veterans to share their experiences and in-sights with the students. The speakers were Mr.Arvind Mehra, Regional Sales Head (Middle East and South Asia)- Cobham Surveillance UK,Mr. Ankur Mehta, VP- Marsh India Insurance Broker Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Durgesh Buxy,
Dy. GeneralManager- Raymond Ltd and Mr. Mangesh Kukalkar, Marketing Manager- Pfizer Ltd. The aim was to give exposure to the management students to the evolving industry practice,complement their classroom learning and garnering essential industry insights which will help the budding managers at SIMSR, Mumbai.

The Conference began with the college’s tradition of lighting the lamp and reciting theCampus prayer to invoke the Gods for their blessings. The first speaker of the session Mr.Arvind Mehra spoke about the Emerging Trends in International Trade Finance. He in a very engaging one hour session took us through a myriad of topics such as short term, medium term or long term trades, sources of International trade finance, institutions involved in international trade and documents associated with it. He also pointed out that for international trade products and norms become different and trust and insurances are important. He also used a detailed analysis of a coffee factory as an example to help us understand the concept better.


Next, the presentation on Risk Management and Emerging Global Trends in Insurance Business specifically brokerage by Mr. Ankur Mehta gave us valuable insight on significance of insurance and role of insurance brokers. He with the help of a very concise presentation took us through how changes have come in the methods employed to procure insurance and emerging trends in India in field of insurance brokerage. He also answered queries from the audience on concept of re-insurance, umbrella insurance and normal cycle of insurance Mr. Durgesh Buxy shared his experience at Raymond to help us understand ‘how to make a brand in India and take it global’. He accounted for the logic behind Raymond challenging conventional wisdom by opening stores in Bangladesh and Pakistan. He also highlighted how the successful ‘Made to Measure’ concept of Raymond helped it to enter even prestigious markets like Dubai. He gave a handy tip such as to be able to survive and flourish a foreign business must respect the law of the land also registration of the brand is extremely crucial. He narrated his anecdotal experience to make us grasp the concepts .


Last but certainly not the least the concluding speaker, Mr. Mangesh Kukalkar made us aware about the current challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry and how despite of health care being an important industry the growth is stagnated. He with the help of a very informative and impressive presentation explained how pharmaceutical industry has moved from suitability to value addition and various measures taken to bring substantial growth in the industry, such as companies collaborating for research and development and sharing resources, researches, talents, etc. to bring product faster to market. He also used this opportunity to make students aware of various prospects in pharmaceuticals industry for those who are not from this particular field.

Students interacted with these imminent industry experts after each presentation. The conference closed with the vote of thanks to all the speakers, participants and IBS members,given by Prof C. P. Joshi, faculty mentor (IBS@SIMSR).

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