After two mega quizzing events at SIMSR, this time Acumen broke the monotony of conventional quizzing and presented “Moneyball” – a quiz for sports and entertainment. It was also the first quizzing event of the academic session for seniors and juniors. The event saw tremendous response with more than 60 quizzing enthusiasts participating in it.
The event had four rounds; the first round being “pounce” where teams could pounce on the questions asked for other teams while the second was “connecting the dots”. In this round, a series of pictures were displayed to the contestants and they had to connect the dots and identify the link. The ambience inside the room was electrifying as the contestants left no stone unturned in answering the trickiest brain teasing questions. There were constant moments of extreme apprehension, excitement, and eagerness in the room which kept the audiences cling onto the edge of their seats.

The last two rounds came as a complete game changer. In the “Audio Visual round” the contestants were shown audio/video files and were expected to either recognize the voice of an individual or recall the dialogue from a movie. It was thoroughly intriguing to witness the battle of grey cells fiercely engaging to secure the top spots in the finals. After three intense power pact rounds, top six teams qualified for the last and final “Clues” round where each team was provided with clues to identify a common object. After a series of brain-racking inklings, witty guesses, and clever judgements, the event came to a tantalizing end.

Varun Ratnakaran and Pratik Jain from PGDM-RM (2014-16) Batch stroke the hammer at the right moment and emerged champions. Giving them a tough fight were their fellow classmates Garv Shah and Aadhar Prasad who finished a closed second. The winners were awarded cash prizes and all the participants were given certificates and goodies.

Acumen would like to thank all the participants and the audiences who made this event a grand success cementing a commitment for organizing many such events in future.

Till then, Happy Quizzing!

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