K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research (SIMSR) has a tradition of hosting sports events with great enthusiasm in its wonderful 55 acre campus. The state-of-the-art athletics track accompanied by a lush green football field and other sports facilities reflect SIMSR’s love for sports.
Elan-E-Yudh, an inter-class sporting event conducted by SIMSR Sports Committee, resumed its second phase from 5th October to 9th October 2015. This time the spotlight was on outdoor games such as athletics, basketball, lawn tennis, throw ball, volleyball and table tennis. Students from all batches – comprising of PGDM, MMS and MCA students took part in the event with great fervour. Of course, when there is action on the field, there are bound to be spectators. Students cheered their batch mates and spurred on the teams towards victory.


                  Event Winner Batch
Throwball (Women) PGDM- Marketing Communications 2015-17
Basketball (Women) PGDM-Marketing Communications 2015-17
Basketball (Men) PGDM-Retail Management 2015-17
Volleyball (Men) PGDM-Retail Management 2015-17
Lawn Tennis (Men) PGDM-Core 2014-16
Table Tennis (Men) MMS – A 2015-17
Table Tennis (Women) MMS – A 2015-17
Athletics-100m (Men) PGDM- A 2015-17
Athletics-100m (Women) PGDM-International Business 2014-16
Athletics-200m (Men) PGDM-Core 2015-17
Athletics-200m (Women) PGDM-International Business 2014-16
Athletics-2000m (Men) PGDM-International Business 2015-17
Athletics-1000m (Women) PGDM-International Business 2015-17
Athletics-4x100m Relay (Men) PGDM-International Business 2015-17
Athletics-4x100m Relay(Women) PGDM-International Business 2015-17

Elan-E-Yudh was well received by everyone. It was delightful to see all the participants playing in the true spirit of the game.  At the end of the day, it was ‘SPORTS’ that won!!!



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