Entrepreneurship and B-Plan workshop

11215157_1255054337853575_5598278004277559677_nPathfinder I & E-Cell organized an Entrepreneurship and B-Plan workshop on 20th September 2015. This initiative was taken by as it is a necessity for every budding entrepreneur to understand the importance of Business Plan. The workshop was open for all colleges in Mumbai, and we had around 30 attendees coming in from other colleges in Mumbai as well as young independent entrepreneurs looking to improve on their startups. The full day workshop enlightened and motivated the budding entrepreneurs.
The mentor, Mr.Raj Bhat conducted the workshop in a very subtle manner where he kept the audience engaged and amazed throughout the event by introducing the different ways an entrepreneur can grow without spending any money.
Mr. Bhat is a well-known serial entrepreneur and mentor & educator for startups. He is an Ex-Chief Mentor of National Entrepreneurship Network & currently serving as a Chief Knowledge Officer of Ourea Capital Advisors. He commenced his workshop with the five basic question related to self-examination, product, market conditions, potential customers that the entrepreneur must have to concentrate upon. Elaborating on the examples of Facebook, Google, Whatsapp; he explained the concept of tunneling in the matrix of criticality-discontentment with options while setting up a product/service. He stressed upon keeping the business plan concise and precise to make it impressive. He explained the importance of equity trading and ‘first among equal’ in a business team. Mr. Bhat discussed the investor’s perspective for the entrepreneurs, which made the gathering of budding entrepreneurs to realize the need of being focused and concentrated on one idea to make a profit out of it.
The speaker was a delight to interact with, as he was very friendly with the participants. They shared their experiences with him & sought his perspective. The workshop made a huge difference to all the attendees, as the ones that were running their own ventures already, could get some simple professional solutions for their problems. All attendees were awarded a certificate of participation in the workshop by Pathfinder I & E-Cell. It was a great learning experience for the attendees and great pride for the Pathfinder I & E-Cell as organizers!

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