For the past one week or so, every now and then students of K.J. Somaiya would come across a sign asking, “are you IN?” No corner was left in the hostel where this sign would not be present. There is no doubt that it was the talk of the college for those couple of days. To add to this, students were again bombarded with the next round of activity wherein the mess on the afternoon of Independence Day was showered with chocolates. A fun activity was organized for the prospective participants to generate interest in the event that was to follow. Simple marketing questions pertaining to taglines and brands were asked and on pressing the buzzer and answering correctly they were given chocolates.

Post creating the buzz in the premises of the college, what followed was a very engaging event on August 19, 2015. After the first round that was held online on August 17, 2015, some 80 teams were taken to the famous Nalanda Auditorium for the offline rounds. The participants were offered refreshing glasses of lemonade by Snack Bar while entering. The first round was a logo finding game where the participants were given a very interesting picture which had twenty logos hidden in it. The participants were given two minutes for this round. The participants looked fully engrossed in the activity in this very innovative round that team Interface kick-started the event with. Top 30 participants were taken to the next phase from this round.

The set of participants shortlisted were then given fifteen print ads that were projected on the screen and they had to identify as many as they could. Each print ad was shown for about fifteen seconds and the participants had no time to waste while answering. While the sheets were collected and the scoring was done, one of the hosts entertained the audience with some questions and goodies. Finally five teams were taken to stage from this point.

The five teams were taken through three interesting rounds. First, they had to identify the jingles that were played. Second was a round called pounce where the team whom the question was dedicated to had a chance to win points but so did the other competing teams. The final round was called ‘The Final Pick’ where teams could take risks based on where they stood. Three categories, three levels and the advantage as well as risks of a bonus question added excitement to this round. It was a very exciting end to a very interesting journey that team Interface took the participants through with Inquizzitive ‘15.


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