Interaction with H . E. Mr. Bulat Sarsanbayev Ambassador of Kazakhstan

On April 10, 2015 the students of PGDM IB as well as the Somaiya Arts Academy got an opportunity to interact with H. E. Mr. Bulat Sarsanbayev Ambassador of  Kazakhstan to India . There were many dignitaries including Shri Samir Somaiya, President Somaiya Vidyavihar who attended the interaction.

The interaction was held to introduce Kazakhstan as an emerging economy to the students and also to strengthen the bond that Somaiya family had with Kazakhstan from generations. Mr. Samir Somaiya narrated how Kazakhstan has a liberal outlook towards all religions and holds faith in every religion.

Mr. Sarsenbayev enlightened the students about the path followed by Kazakhstan towards development, how are its trade relations with India and other countries. Despite being surrounded by hostile neighbours how Kazakhstan has maintained peace within its borders as well as outside.  Also, how India and Kazkhstan are connected on various fronts, mainly on the cultural. Like Most of the musicians of the world known Symphony Orchestra at Mumbai are from Kazakhstan, and many other great music composers of Kazakhstan dwell in India.Mr. Sarsenbayev shared his views about the cultural differences and similarities between Kazakhstan and various countries where he had worked earlier.

A beautiful Mohiniattam dance was performed later in the Tagore Auditorum keeping His excellency’s keen interest in the culture of the country in view. Also, a shawl was presented to him hand woven by the weavers of a small scale industry supported by the Somaiya trust.

The students and faculties who attended the interactions got many insights about Kazakhstan and its culture. We look forward to more such interactions to be held in future.





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