ICON 2K15, the technical fest organised by the MCA Department of K J SIMSR, just GOT ICONIFIED. This year it was bigger, better and brilliant than ever. The whole of SIMSR building was decorated by the various social media icons and the entire campus was abuzz with the thrilling atmosphere. The sponsorships and support from Gizmos, Pizza Express, Fortune Enterprises, TrickNowTech Hosting Solutions, Ice Cream Works, Subway, Love Shona’s Collection, Oye KakePacific Plastic Industries and Achija really helped Icon be a successful fest.


This year Icon was organised with the intention of spreading a social message amongst the youth and at the same time making it more enjoyable and entertaining. The theme of the fest was Socialise and the purpose was to project Social Media and the wave that it has created in today’s world. Icon joined hands with Arham Yuva Group NGO for their campaign called Pasti Se Pustak. Magic boxes were setup all around the Somaiya campus to collect old newspapers that could be recycled to make books for the less fortunate. By the end of the fest, Icon was able to contribute 1400 KGs of scrap paper and old newspapers for their cause.

The fest kicked off with Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on the morning of 26th February. The students of the MCA department cleaned the College campus and the Vidyavihar station road along with the volunteers of the Arham Yuva Group NGO. This was followed by a day of pure fun. There were mini games like Three Wise Monkeys and the money spinner 7 Up 7 Down. There were amusing activities like Photo Booth and joy rides on the Segway.


This year also saw Icon establishing a tradition of fulfilling a wish. A Wishing Wood was created near the amphitheatre for the purpose. Everyone… from the director of the institute to the students of various colleges tied their wishes on the wishing wood, of which one wish would be selected at random and fulfilled by team Icon.



The main event was inaugurated on 27th of February by Chief Guest Mr. Gaurav Jathar who is an alumni of SIMSR and currently working as a Software Engineer for a foreign exchange product FXT. Every faculty of SIMSR was invited to the grand opening by special personalised cards made by the creative Gallery Team of MCA. The fest started with a mind-boggling, bone tickling and yet thought provoking skit. The skit was themed on Social Media and raised the issue of addictiveness of the youth to the internet, the unrestricted access to age inappropriate content and it ended with the message of using Social Media as a platform for expression of thoughts and not misuse it. The skit was conceptualised, scripted, directed and enacted by the students of the MCA department. A visually appealing gallery was created by the students that depicted the various social media platforms and their important facts.

This year of Icon had many interesting events, all geared to give the participants a stage to showcase their talent. For the technical geeks, there was Codo-Hunt and Web-Master. For the innovative minds, there was Pixelise and Film-Making. For the resourceful, there was War of Words and Presentagram. For the ingenious there was Quizzila and Pseudo-Sense. For the entrepreneurs, there was Start-up and ofcourse no fest is complete without LAN Gaming and Box cricket. Students from various colleges all over Mumbai participated with great enthusiasm and made the fest truly iconic. The SIMSR campus could be seen bustling with the various activities that really made it look like a fun fair. A variety of stalls were setup on the green benches. Love Shona’s Collection had brought an exclusive design of tiara, ear cuffs, mid rings and many more. Gizmos had a wide array of trendy phone covers and there were a host of food stalls that could make anybody’s mouth water. Subway and Blossom gave a huge relief from the usual Canteen food. The aroma from the tandoor roasting kebabs and tikkas at Hotspot was simply divine. Bhagu chat wala with his yummy chaats and fresh juices and tasty dabelis at other stalls was huge treat for all present.




The valedictory function at the end of the two days of extravaganza was another jovial affair. The winners of the various events received their cash prizes with big smiles. The incredible skit was performed again amidst thunderous applause, concluding the astounding fest and making it a grand success.

So until next year Icon says – Pin! Tweet! Post! Repeat!


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