Samavesh @SIMSR on 13th December 2014

Samavesh 2014

A series of Panel Discussion and deliberations by the brightest minds in industry

SAMAVESH is the absorption, incorporation and assimilation of thoughts and ideas by dignitaries and sought-after individuals. Samavesh, started in 2003, is an annual event of SIMSR, conceptualized with the one point agenda of “Building Minds for Greater Times” – from insights by the experienced Industry Stalwarts and the Aspiring Managers of tomorrow.

International Business Session:

On 13th December 2014, the SIMSR annual event – ‘Samavesh’ began with the International Business Session organized by International Business Society at SIMSR. The event had got on board some of the best industry veterans to share their experiences and insights with the students. The speakers were Shri V Somasekhar, VP- Treasury and Forex, Axis Bank Ltd, Shri Ashok Dhar, President – Industrial Marketing – Reliance Industries Ltd, Shri Durgesh Buxy, Senior Manager – Exports, Raymond Ltd and Shri Anuj Bhargava, CEO – AB Associates.

The first speaker, Shri V Somasekhar spoke about the Emerging Trends in International Trade Finance. He threw some light on expected EXIM policy, ‘External Commercial Borrowings’ and the associated risks.

Next, the presentation on Cross Border Alliances, Mergers & Acquisitions by Shri Ashok Dhar broadly covered the motives, types, processes, challenges and risks of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Shri Durgesh Buxy through his experience at Raymond depicted the challenges of ‘Taking Brand India abroad’. He highlighted how the successful ‘Made to Measure’ concept of Raymond helped it to enter even prestigious markets like Dubai.

The final speaker, Shri Anuj Bhargava adopted a unique approach. He narrated his anecdotal experience as the Country Manager in Belgium for TCS to highlight the role of a Country Manager. He also shared his contrasting cultural experience in South Africa.

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Somaiya Social Cell Session:

Enactus Somaiya Social Cell had 6 eminent industry experts on the Topic: CSR in Evolving India. Speakers were Dr. Kumar Iyer, Associate VP, JSW, Ms. Meera Tenguira, Founder & CEO, Aarohan Communications, Ms. Shoumashree Dey, CSR at Welspun Ltd, Mr. Moloy Chakraborthy, CEO, Tulsi Chanrai Foundation, Mr. Pradeep Talpade, Ex CEO, L&T, Mr.Ameya Dabli, CEO, Swades Foundation.

The discussion of few hours gave all the students a bright idea of what exactly CSR is and how import it is in any organisation. It also gave an overview of the career opportunities in CSR. Overall it was a great platform to learn and know about the current industry norms in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility

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Humanist Session :

Topic of the discussion was ‘Make in India – Evolving HR in Emerging India’. Given the popularity and doubts about the effects of the ongoing ‘Make in India’ campaign the students flocked the auditorium to hear the experts speak and to get their questions answered by the esteemed panelist.

The event started with welcoming the panelists and with a short introduction of Samavesh. A brief introduction about the panelists helped the students know the expertise of the panelists and get ready with the questions.

The panel discussion began with each of the panelists sharing his/her views on the topic of the discussion.

Ms. Renu Mukherjee opened the discussion with sharing her experience in the HR domain. She talked about the industry forecast of jobs that would be created due to the Make in India initiative. At the same time she also highlighted the issue of qualified vs skilled workforce in India. She drew attention toward the reinvestment of the company profits in Talent and Skills development. According to her while 60% of the population is ready to contribute towards GDP, only 25% are actually suitable for market. Ms. Renu also talked about ‘Talent Supply Chain’ a new term buzzing in the Talent Management Area. She also expressed the need to update the content and delivery of the academics to map with that required by the industry. To the existing concerns she guided the students to be aware of their own job expectations and the requirements of the industry for a given job profile and to be focused and dedicated in building one’s profile.

While Ms. Renu Mukherjee shared her thoughts on the Talent Demand and Supply, Mr. Biplob Banerjee shared his experiences of hiring talent over the years. He pointed out the 4 crucial things lacking in today’s talent force – Curiosity to learn new things, Insight – having opinions and new ideas about the available information, Engagement – Usage of emotion and logic and finally Determination to deal with stressful situations. Mr. Banerjee also highlighted the difference between High Performance and High Potential, which many fail to identify and expressed that high performance need not guarantee high potential and training is required for every job profile. Finally he discussed on Learning Agility and the verticals under it – People Agility, Change Agility, Result Agility and Mental Agility.

Mr. Arun Vishwanath took the discussion forward on suggesting a 6 step process to efficiently harness the talent supply chain – Plan the hiring process, Hire Right People, Develop the acquired people, Monitor their Performance, Energize and engage them with various initiatives, Plan for Succession. He also discussed the Tata Motors Leadership strategy and shared his insights about the same. The importance of People, Results and Business Strategy in an organization was revisited. He explained the Tata Motors Model, which is built around 4E’s Employment, Education, Entrepreneurship and Employability, explaining the needs and the required steps to be taken for the same.

Mr. Anand Desai had a different perspective altogether to share. He talked about Frictional Unemployment and the herd mentality among the youth. He expressed the need of Focus and dedication among the youth. He briefed the crowd about his Social venture ‘Dheya’ and shared his experiences running the venture in various parts of the country. He threw light on the demands and the thought process of the rural youth, the existing concerns about their employability and the growing skill gap. Mr. Desai’s views revolved around Employability and how the ‘Make in India’ should be rightly channelized in employing the rural youth.

Later the panelists also discussed around topics like Role Centering and Role Entering, Bell Curve concern among the HRs and expressed the need for the candidates to be Innovative, Questioning the norms, gather as much Knowledge, and have Business and Communication acumen.

In all, the panel discussion was a success and admired by students, faculty and the panelists alike!

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E-Cell Session :

Pathfinder Innovation and Entrepreneur Cell invited a panel of five members including a moderator who shared the stage to discuss the topic – ‘Make in India – Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Entertainment Industry’. The discussion highlighted multi-dimensionality of the topic. The event took place on 13th December 2014 in the Red Auditorium where the panel witnessed audience of more than hundred and fifty.

Five enthusiastic entrepreneurs from the entertainment industry were invited to share their thoughts and ideas about the entertainment industry. The invited guests were as follows:


  1. Vaibhav Modi, CEO and Director, Bolt Media Ltd.
  2. Satish Kataria, Managing Director, Starting Blocks Media Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Harikrishnan Pillai, Founder, The Small Big Idea
  4. Lavin Mirchandani, Founder, Mirc Media
  5. Abhigyan Jha, Founder and CEO, Undercover Productions Ltd.

Mr. Lavin Mirchandani was the moderator of the event. The panelists shared how they started their career in this industry and also their experiences. They discussed various opportunities, challenges, future and growth of the entertainment industry. Audience came across various new concepts and technologies used in this industry. They participated actively during the discussion and made the session interactive. Many queries were raised regarding the plagiarism of the ideas, crowd funding, and fiscal issues etc that were resolved by the panelists. Not only the audience, but also the panelists got an opportunity to see the industry from perspectives of their colleagues. The event ended on a positive note where students realized the numerous entrepreneurship opportunities in the entertainment industry and hope to build their careers in the same.

Here are some pictures of the Connect:



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