WDC – Self-Defense Workshop

WDC (Women’s Development Cell) organized the Self-Defense Workshop on the 28th of November, 2014. It was conducted by Grand master, Jeong Hee Lee, 7th Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon- World Taekwondo Headquarters and the coach of the Indian Youth Taekwondo team. He was accompanied by Master Hardik Unadket, 2nd Dan Black Belt from Kukkiwon. The workshop was a grand success witnessing a participation of more than hundred participants including both boys and girls. The key takeaways from the workshop were learning the nitty-gritties of Taekwondo, basic Taekwondo techniques and self-defense moves and lastly the Do’s and Don’ts in case of an attack.10453458_10152871727698834_8825498885031360166_n 10612639_10203181764970422_7142502572427577210_n 10641046_10203181750290055_4540098299215860727_n 10802060_10203181797691240_8617400020626212579_n

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