Inquizzitive – Intra SIMSR Marketing Quiz

The day the information arrived to their mailbox, they were curious to see it. They were curious to see what is it going to be, how is it going to happen, when is it going to happen and how they can be a part of it. That is what happened when SIMSRites received the mail about ‘Inquizzitive’.

Inquizzitive is an intra-SIMSR marketing quiz organised by team Interface. A quiz everyone looks up to. And it didn’t disappoint them this time either.

The details were well sent and well received, team entries were flying in, buzz was at its peak and only one word captured the sense of the moment-Inquizzitive. In addition, Brand-o-man, Inquizzitive’s mascot, turned out to become a local celebrity.

The first round was an online round, where all the participants had to go through 20 interesting questions in a time span of 15 minutes. The smooth execution was immensely applauded by all. Next, based on their scores, a handful of teams made it to the next round, which was a written test, consisting of intriguing crossword and intense marketing knowledge based questions. The ultimate face-off was between 5 teams, which went to a 3-round finale and in the end, Gaurav Dutta and Trimurthi Gupta, emerged as winners while Varun Ratnakaran and Joel Goerge, stood up as the runner-ups.

The audience’s support and enthusiasm made the place a live wire. The curtains went down with happy faces and smiling hearts.

Conclusively, team Interface began their campaign in their own way-the classy Interface way!!

Following are some pictures of the event:





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