Vaktavya – the annual extempore competition by CIIYI

Vaktavya, the annual extempore competition conducted by CII-YI which had its inception at SIMSR last year, had its second innings this year. The competition was started by CII-YI in 2011 with the objective of engaging students to voice their views about various ongoing issues as well as to promote the YI theme among the future leaders. The theme adopted this year was ‘Accelerating economic growth through innovation, transformation, inclusion and governance’.

This year, Vaktavya invited registrations from other colleges in Mumbai as well like Wellingkar, SIMSREE and S.I.E.S College of Management Studies, apart from SIMSR itself. For the first round, the forty registered candidates had to provide a write-up on any one of the three provided topics. After a rigorous evaluation process, the top 20 candidates were shortlisted for the final round, held on 2nd September.

The finalists were given a topic and a thinking time of 1 minute after which they were given 2 minutes to speak forth their views. They were judged by Mrs. Reena Mehta, one of the esteemed faculty of this institute. The criteria for evaluation was coherence of thought, fluency in speech and the use of correct English. With some very thoughtful and insightful points provided by most of the candidates, the judge had a really difficult time in selecting the winners. Finally, Mihir Shah from S.I.E.S College of Management Studies was declared to be the winner while Dax Fernandes from our own SIMSR became the runner-up. The top 2 were awarded prizes while the top 5 were awarded certificates from CII-YI. Overall, the event was a great success and ended with the promise of even better things to come in the succeeding years.





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