Ganpatti Bappa Morya !!!! Ganesha @ SIMSR Campus

Ganesh Utsav is a festival celebrated all across India, predominantly in Maharashtra. Going along with the tradition of many years, the students at SIMSR celebrated the Ganpati festival this year too, with great pomp and show. The three days of the festival witnessed lot of preparation by the enthusiastic students. Starting from arranging the decoration material, choosing the idol and preparing the menu for the prasadam, the students handled everything with great responsibility under the guidance of their seniors.

A night before the arrival of the idol, all the plans came into action. The fervent students made beautiful rangolis by choosing vibrant colours. They also used decorative lights and small lamps to lighten up the place. Everyone was working in unison, be it the seniors or the juniors. This was a wonderful ‘Ice-breaking’ experience wherein students from different genres came together to be the perfect host for the arrival of the guest.

The D-day began with early morning chants of ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ wherein flocks of students drenched in water, threw colours at each other and danced to the tunes of the dhol. The hour long journey of bringing in the Ganpati idol into the campus, from the college main gate to the Activity room, filled everyone with a spirit of galore.

After the idol was established, the prayers began for three consecutive days. The prayers in the mornings and evenings with the serving of prasadam after that, was a delight for one and all. This festival definitely proved to be a refreshing break for the students from the hectic schedule of the academics.

On the last day of the festival, students were present in huge numbers for the final prayers. Everybody was feeling heavy in their hearts. Finally the time to say Good-Bye had come. Swarms of students running, dancing, soaked in rain and playing with the colours went about to give farewell to the idol of Lord Ganpati.

This festival depicts how people belonging to different groups come together to offer their prayers to Lord Ganpati. From the Director of the institute to the gatekeepers, everyone sang in unison the hymns and immersed themselves in the devotional love for the Ganpati. This three day festival induced a pious feeling in everyone’s hearts which gradually metamorphosed into a feeling of goodness and well-being.

Following are the pictures of our students welcoming Ganesha.

ganesh 1ganesh 2ganesh 3

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