Congratulations to “Enactus Somaiya Social Cell” of K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research Admission Committee on winning the UnileverCompetition at the Enactus India National Competition held in Mumbai on 2nd July, 2014!!!

Project Mogra, a social entrepreneurship project, was started by this team with one purpose – “To Stop Migration”.
Farmers residing in Dhundalwadi, near Dahanu Road used to migrate to construction sites for 8 months in order to pay off debts accumulated during 4 months of paddy cultivation due to lack of income. This routine migration led to disruption of families, increase in vulnerability and made children child labourers.
With Project Mogra, these farmers were given reason and means to stay back home and earn a living. The Team trained these farmers in Mogra Cultivation by providing them with Mogra saplings and today 314 women farmers cultivate them. We helped them connect with Mumbai flower market which led to them earning more than Rs.3000 a month as against Rs.1000 they used to earn earlier. To help them manage their money well, we imparted financial literacy and also created self-help groups. 
This sustainable business model has had a tremendous impact on the village touching more than 4000 lives, creating healthier family life and better standard of living for these farmers who are today Agropreneurs.

Here is a look at the Enactus Somaiya Social Cell at work!

Unilever Diaries, India's photo.
Unilever Diaries, India's photo.
Unilever Diaries, India's photo.
Unilever Diaries, India's photo.
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