Celebrating Womenhood!

1779072_505376126238288_2085048988_nParticipate in “Walk-a-thon” a walk to create awareness, an innitiative by the Womens Development Cell (WDC) for MANASVINI- a week celebrating womenhood.
The details are as follows:Date: Saturday, 8th March ’14
Time: 9:00 AM…
Cervical cancer kills more women in India than anywhere else in the world. It need not.
Cervical cancer is one of India’s many healthcare ironies. It is a disease that experts say can largely be prevented. It is the first cancer in the world to have not one but two vaccines aimed at preventing it. Yet, in India it affects 1,32,000 women each year of whom 72,000 women lose their battle with it. The sheer lack of awareness, the absence of discussions on sexual health, and the restricted access that women have to screening and treatment facilities are contributors to the large numbers of deaths. With greater awareness, it is possible to mitigate the damage done by this continuously-exploding bomb, if not completely dismantle it.

Our Walk-a-thon is aimed at bringing attention and awareness to this much-needed cause.


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