SIMSR learns strategic usage of information from one of its own.


The Alumni Committee of SIMSR, played host to a session on the strategic usage of information, information technology & extracting value out of it by Mr. Shekar Y, the CEO of ShawMan Software Pvt. Ltd as a part of its ‘Alumniscence’ initiative.

ShawMan Software is India’s leading product software development company in the Hospitality vertical. It offers a buffet of software products catering to diverse needs of a hotel or restaurant that are deeply stirred in technology and spiced up with a dash of consulting services. ShawMan works on technology for people recognition and counting to provide personalizImageed services, which top flight hotels take pride in doing to their guests. It works on customer loyalty to ensure that even during difficult business times, guests and customers experience a bit of wow in the engagement.


Mr. Shekar a 1985 MMS, Marketing batch alumnus of SIMSR, has formerly been the General Manager of BAAN, Director (Consulting) of Peoplesoft and the Director of Adhistaa consulting. He has over two decades of association with the Indian IT industry & experiences spanning Sales, Marketing, Solutions Consulting and Delivery for Products & Services. His special area of expertise is in Management Consulting to mid-sized organisations which wish to use Information Technology for improving in-house Information Systems to gain business advantage in a competitive market place.

He began by talking about his personal experiences in life, his entry into the IT industry, the relevance & importance of information in all fields of business.

Mr. Shekar made a presentation on the changing key drivers of growth during different periods in history right from railways during the industrial revolution to information in the current knowledge economies. Citing examples of Narayana Murthy of Infosys & Dell computers, he stressed the need to have an empowered top level management and the shift in competition between businesses towards value-chain based competition. Drawing on the context of strategic thinking the discussion dwelt on how information gathered can be used across all levels in an organization by functions like Finance, Marketing, Production & the strategic groups.


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