Hyundai Global Youth Marketing Camp 2013

The Hyundai Global Youth Marketing Camp is an initiative of Hyundai for nurturing and honing some of the best talents across the globe. This year, the camp is being held between August 20th and 24th at Seoul South Korea. The camp will feature 69 participants from countries such as India, Turkey and Korea . The camp will help students hone their skills and also give them greater insights on the global automobile industry.
 Like last year, SIMSR was privileged to be one of the major institutes were the selections happened and we are pleased to announce that two students have been shortlisted for the camp.
1. Shivani Desai –
2. Sheena Jain – PGDM-RM- 2012-2014 –
The runners-up at the event were:
1. Moiz Shujaee – MMS-2012-2014 –
2. Vishruti Sheth –

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