Celebrating the festival called “Life”

Rakta Daan-Maha Daan

Rakta Daan-Pooja Saman

“Compelling is the spirit of a true social activist”

August 1st 2013, SIMSR has shown everyone the ray of hope for a better society. The astounding response for the blood donation drive organized by Somaiya Social Cell has created an unabated impact in many hearts that there is still a possibility for a greater life in this corrupt society.

ENACTUS Somaiya Social Cell in association with KJ Somaiya Hospital and Research Center organized a blood donation drive at SIMSR Hostel activity room on 1st August 2013 to promote the social cause of saving a life. Students of Somaiya educational institutes stated that they are ready to fight the fate of an unknown victim showing off their generosity to fight for the helpless and the responsibility towards mankind.


The event took a head start at 10:00 am with Dr. Satish Ailawadi, Director-SIMSR and Dr. Asha Bhatia, faculty advisor-ENACTUS-SSC being amongst the first donors in the drive, which proved that a leader is not the one who commands but who pulls up the team along with him. Thereon, the event proceeded under the supervision of Dr. Pragnya of Somaiya hospital seeing a proud 73 donors including students and staff of various Somaiya educational institutions. Donors come in with the smile of a glowing lamp boosting the team towards their destiny and constantly reinforcing the hope of better society. Members of ENACTUS showed that there still remains a moral value in this society of ruling leaders and suffering humans.  Finally, the blood donation comes to an end spreading the laurels of morals and enthusiasm in the young upcoming generation of India to make it a better place to live in. Every faculty expressed their pride in being a part of KJ SOMAIYA with the overwhelming response from the student community as well as the faculty.

Somaiya Trust in its continuous endeavor to make the society better, will continue to organize such events in the future. It is one of the important reasons for our existence.


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