Nostalgia 2012

Neev – ‘Rediscover your roots’

NEEV – ‘Rediscover your roots.’
Life is a journey and it keeps moving on even when you wish to freeze the minute and those minutes, happy or sad as they may be, become memories which are treasured all our lives. Every year SIMSR organizes NOSTALGIA to give an opportunity to all its alumni to peep in that tunnel of memories and come back and revisit their college premises. The official Alumni committee of SIMSR (ALCOM), puts forward a lot of hard work to make this event happen every year where all the alumni are invited. This visit gives them a chance to meet their friends, class mates, Professors and their juniors. The occasion also gives the present batches a chance to interact with the seniors and know the actual scenario of the industry.
The preparation of the event started way back and the whole institute was throbbing with energy. All the alumni that could be contacted were invited. Some of them were
Nirav J.Bhatt, Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers, Equity Analyst ;
Anuj Bhargava ,The Institute of Management Consultants of India , President;
Anand Ramaswamy, ICICI Bank , Head – Projects at ICICI Bank of the Debt
Servicing Management Group.
After spirited preparations for the much awaited day, 27th Oct, arrived and Nostalgia made everybody nostalgic. The alumni started arriving at college premises by evening and the smiles on there faces did said a lot. There were stalls put up by various committees of students where the present students met the success stories and were enlightened by their suggestions and encouragement. This interaction was followed by a cultural program having various dance forms and the college band Mauj also performed. The program ended with a vote of thanks from our respected Prof. C P Joshi which followed by dinner of the faculty and the alumni. The event was a great experience for the alumni as well as the students.

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