We live in a world where things around us change in a blink of an eye. Countries, governments, corporations and managers are grappling with changes that are happening every second. Today’s manager needs to be dynamic and be more receptive to the external environment to be able to achieve the targets set out for him.

On 24th March, 2012, KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research organised the second edition of CONFLUENCE-2012, which was an Alumni Panel Discussion. Centred on the theme, “Skills and abilities a manager needs to develop in the ever changing environment,” this panel discussion organised was attended by SIMSR Alumni from various fields such as HR, Marketing and Finance working in reputed companies to give their insights.

Each panellist had a different viewpoint to give. Saurabh Singh, Senior GM, ICICI Bank, believed that these uncertainties were triggered by three main factors-Globalisation, Technology and our Social Cultures. A manager should be cognisant of that and develop soft skills accordingly. Ritesh Vaid of Helm India Pvt.Ltd also talked of understanding different cultures especially in our inter-connected world. Aditya Nadakarni S, Vice President, Wadhwan Lifestyle Retail Ltd believed we need to be working smart. It is not a substitute of hard work but is extremely essential. Taking this forward was Gaurav Mahant, Vice President, HSBC emphasised the need for networking in this day and age. He also talked about how important it is to position you among your peers and office. Perception Management helps and creates a confidence levels in your actions.

This was re-affirmed by Anuradha Srinivasan, Marketing and Business Development, CRISIL who talked about how essential it is to be an efficient resource assimilator when there is a requirement.  Rajaninath, Chief People officer, Religare Enterprises talked on how important it was to understand your boss’ problem and then work. Anirudh Hajare, Manager, Bennett and Coleman Company cautioned every manager should have a Plan B and Plan C before taking every step. He also emphasised on the importance of working in teams. Dinesh Kumar, Director, CBAY Systems, talked that a manager should have the following qualities. He should be able to listen, articulate in simple words and have good observation skills.

Engaging and with many takeaways, this two hour discussion left everyone with a thought to ponder ever. Everyone agreed its smart and hard work that will help any manager. A manager shouldn’t look at these two as complements and not as alternatives he has. A manager should ask simple questions because that will help him come up with simple solutions to be successful.

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