California varsity students visit Godavari Sugar Works at Sameerwadi

Students of California University visited Godavari Sugar Works at Sameerwadi of Mudhol Taluk, Karnataka. The team comprising 22 research students and two teachers conducted a survey of the factory, visited a tailoring centre at Chimmad and Bisnal villages and an anganwadi centre run by the sugar factory.

The team members interacted with beneficiaries of the Help A Child scheme and visited their houses.

They also visited a lake at Madabhavi village. The team also spoke to the beneficiaries of various schemes undertaken by the factory’s management.

Factory planning manager Vijaykumar Kanavi briefed the research students about the factory’s working and social activities conducted for the benefit of women labourers and children.

Factory head office executive director V V Joshi, executive director (Works) S N Babaleshwar and governing management general manager B R Baxi spoke on the occasion.

California University Business Studies department prof Vipin Gupta, prof Herald and research students Karan Thakur, Shikavas, Shas, Muragan, Jesvika and Karli said they had a productive time.

The article was published in The Times of India. The link is given below:


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