Mr. Jatindeep Singh Sachdeva
Vice President, Corporate Banking, BNP Paribas
Alumnus 2001 Batch

“I have been in the banking sector for a decade now. It’s my career and not merely a job. I am presently working in the capacity of Vice-President, Corporate Banking, BNP Paribas. I had started my career as a management trainee with HDFC bank where I was placed through campus placements in May, 2001. My career so far has been an enchanting journey of learning be it in the field of operations, products, team dynamics or management.”

Key factor that led you to your present position: My present position of Vice-President in the relationship team of corporate banking is comparable to a general physician. Over the last decade my client relationship skills, product knowledge, credit bent of mind, updating myself with regulations and other such capabilities have made be better suited for this position. But over and above this, one’s desire to learn every day is very crucial for such positions.
Relationship between your work and experiences you had in college: Managing people from different backgrounds and cultures has honed my relationship skills and has also made me learn from these people. In SIMSR, my endeavors in different committees led to the above.

Personal satisfaction and dissatisfaction: As a banker, the most satisfying part of the occupation is a client who trusts you for all their banking requirements. This is what a banker’s satisfaction meter is defined by. The dissatisfaction comes when the above does not happen.

Likes and dislikes about working in this industry: The thing I like most about banking is that you are on the edge all the time as it’s all about money. But the thing I dislike most is that your hard work translates into monetary gains for others.

Key factors that led to your career advancement: Relationship skills, determination, eagerness to learn and to resolve issues are definitely the most important factors.

Message to the students: An important line which the former president of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam stated in one of his interviews and which has made a huge impact on my life – “dream, dream, dream till your dreams become your thoughts and your thoughts become your action”.
Perception about SIMSR and also any suggestions you could cite for our college: It’s a great temple of learning, both academic and professional. It’s one of the institutions which have made me what I am today. As I had said in the Chapter meet in New Delhi last year, I would like the institute to focus more on building entrepreneurs. Though there have been a couple of recent initiatives which are directed towards entrepreneurship, we need to make them manifold.

K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research

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