Alumnus of the month – Mr. Sumit Banerjee

Mr. Sumit Banerjee
Asst. Vice President, Credit Suisse India (Pvt.) Ltd.
Alumnus 2006 Batch

I  was  recruited  from  campus  by  Patni  Computer  Systems  as  Management  Associate  to  work  for  their  BFSI  segment.  Within  a  couple  of  months  I  was  selected  for  an  assignment  based  out  of  London  to  work  for  ABN Amro Bank’s Counter party Risk Management Section. After a 15 month deputation in London I was back in India working on other ABN projects as offshore lead for another 9 months. Later in pursuit of further opportunities for growth  I  joined  Credit  Suisse  India Ltd  which was  setting  up  its  Counter party  Risk  Management  Segment  for  its Investment  Banking Division  here  in  India.  I became Assistant  Vice President within  a span of  2  years,  leading  a team of 18 analysts.

Personal  satisfaction:    It  gives  me  great  satisfaction  to  create  something  from  scratch  and  then  see  the  same take  shape  and  get  into  self  sustenance  mode.  I  also  enjoy  working  with  young  people  who  are  eager  to  learn and grow. The job content here is dynamic and functionally challenging which makes problem solving more energizing.

Dissatisfaction: In spite of our skill sets it is unfortunate that we have to prove ourselves time and again to the Western World. Secondly, it is quite a challenge to hire Analysts as the job description has got completely diluted which makes identifying good talent quite cumbersome and time consuming.

Likes  and  dislikes  about  working  in  this  industry:  Financial  Services,  especially  Investment  Banking,  are ex-tremely  innovative,  change  rapidly  and  have  tremendous  impact.  These  factors  contribute  to  the  criticality  of  a Risk  Analyst’s  role.  Since  the  Financial  Crisis  the  focus  has  shifted  more  towards  Risk  Management.  However there is a lot of regulatory oversight these days which is dampening the innovative spirit of the industry.

Key factors that led to your career advancement:   I call it the 4 Ms – Motivation (Self and Unrelenting), Mobility (it inadvertently creates opportunities), Mindset (one should be adaptive under all circumstances and willing to fight it out), and Mensch (it’s German for ‘a person of integrity, honour and transparency’).

Relationship  between  your  work  and  experiences  you  had  in  college:  There  is  considerable  relation  between the  two.  The  Organizational  Behavior  lessons  which  we  used  to  take  lightly  are  now  extremely  relevant  since management  is  all  about  perception  and  behavior.  Also  the  hardships  faced  during  my summer  internship gave me important insights which strengthened my personality and resolve.

Message to the students: The 22 months that we get in a B School are extremely important and relevant. Utilize the  same  seriously  and  develop  the  ability  to  absorb  information.  This  helps  you  to  deal  with  corporate  affairs later and defines your personality. Ask me now and I would say, ‘Wish I had spent some more time learning!’

Perception about SIMSR and suggestions for our college: Coincidentally both my wife and my younger brother are SIMSR alumni and hence I have been abreast with events at SIMSR for more than my own share of 2 years. I realize  that  we   select  and  groom excellent  talent  for the  corporate world. I am  also  very  proud  of  the  tremendous improvement in the infrastructure and kudos to the management for focusing on the same.


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