E-Tambola, the annual housie game by Quantinuum

E-Tambola, the annual housie game conducted by Quantinuum was held on 21st and 22nd of September. The event was a housie game where tickets were sold to the participants and they were required to strike out the numbers on the tickets. However Quantinuum added an interesting angle to the game by putting questions for every number on the tickets. Total number of tickets sold for the event was 250 which included participation from various specializations. The game was conducted in two phases. The first phase was an online quiz on the 21st September, 2011 where the participants were sent online questions on their mail-ids. Here we found winners for three categories: Early 5, First Line & Top 10. Next phase was conducted on 22nd September, 2011 in which the participants were asked to come with their tickets for the main event. The questions were given on the spot and the answers were on their tickets. The event it self was a good mix of Logic, knowledge and Luck.  Following were the winners in various categories:


Garima Sekhri        -Early 5

Shivani Bathla        -First line

Briji Komban          -Middle line

Ankur Arora           -Bottom line

Ankur Arora           -Top 10

Shivani Bathla        -Full housie-1st

Pradyumna Swain -Full Housie-2nd

Ankur Arora           -Full Housie-3rd

Karan Thakur         -Full Housie-4th (Combined)

Dhwani Shah          -Full Housie-4th (Combined)


The event also saw the launch of the Quantinuum website which has been prepared by the Quantinuum members. The website recorded 250 hits on the first day of its launch. This website will act as a platform for sharing views related to the Quants and its application in everyday life. The website will feature SIMSR alumni and also updates on various events. The website was launched by Prof. Nilkantan along with the students of the committee.


Link for the website: http://quantinuum.weebly.com/


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