ALUMNUS OF THE MONTH – Mr. Shivkumar Subramaniam – Alumnus 1999 Batch

Mr. Shivkumar Subramaniam
GM & Geographic Head – Middle East, MindTree Ltd.
Alumnus 1999 Batch

“Having been an IT professional I have led teams of diverse nationalities for the past 18 years. I started my career with Microland  Ltd.  –  India  as  Business Development Manager. Currently I am responsible for establishing MindTree’s presence in the Middle East and Africa region. Previously, I worked with companies like Larsen and Toubro InfoTech Ltd. and Satyam Computer Services Ltd., (both in Dubai) amongst several others.

I started my career with Microland which in a way is my second alma mater. The experience and exposure I got there helped me immensely in my years ahead. Subsequently I was sent abroad and worked  with  diverse  multinational  and  Indian  companies  over  the  past  18  years.  What  saw  me through  all  these  years  was  a  sense  of  dedication  and  commitment,  an  appetite  for  continuous learning and networking, a knack for managing teams of diverse cultures, thought leadership and integrity. “


Personal  Satisfaction:  The  fact  that  I  have  to  constantly  keep  pace  with  technology,  assimilating and articulating it in a manner that provides significant value to your customer’s business is some-thing that brings me personal satisfaction.

Dissatisfaction:  Sometimes my role tends  to  be  of  thankless  nature.  In  a  world  where  there  are expectations of flawless service 24X7, we are often under pressure to put in long hours, work from home,  be  constantly  on  call,  online,  and  available.  This  often  makes  us  compromise  on  work-life balance.

Relationship  between  your  work  and  experiences  in  college:  What  taught  us  how  to  deal  with practical situations during our MBA days was not only the course content, but also the exposure to the  corporate  world  that  we  were  given.  Investrix  was  our  first  foray  into  the  real  world  in  that sense. We were exposed to all the aspects of managing a mega event, right from interacting with PR agencies, working on creative aspects of the campaign, to doing media planning with our spon-sors and working on the venue.

Message to the students: You are on the verge of transcending from an academic environment to a world where challenges are  enormous. To  be successful  in your corporate  journey  you  have to don  the  hat  of  a  professional,  maintaining  integrity  all  the  while.  Managing  time  and prioritizing work (which might entail saying ‘no’ sometimes) are some of the traits that we take for granted, but you need to hone these qualities which are bound to stand you in good stead as you embark on your corporate journey.

Perception  about  SIMSR  and  suggestions  for  our  college:  As alumnus of SIMSR, I am extremely proud of the quantum jump the institution has taken to being regarded as one of the top business schools in the country.


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