Finance Forum – Knowledge Sharing Session on Fundamental and Technical Ananlysis

Heard of analyst talking about the fundamentals of company. What actually are these fundamentals that analyst talk about? We actually did. Fundamental analysis examines the essential force that affects economy, industry and company. Finance Forum organized a Knowledge Sharing Session on Fundamental Analysis by Ankur Shah(MMS) on 17Jan 2011.

In this session we discuss about several financial analytical tools like valuation methods, ratios, how to read company’s filing, know what to look for and where in company financial statement. Knowledge Sharing Sessions are attended by large number of students where in after the presentation Q & A round is carried out and actual peer learning takes place.

Finance Forum took it further with another Knowledge Sharing Session on Technical analysis by Munjal Mehta (MMS) on 19th Feb 2011.

The session was attended by about 40 people. The session was largely informative and Munjal was grilled with questions both during the session and at the end of the session.


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