Nissan and Interface

Interface in association with Nissan has organized two events till now, “Tag your car” contest and Nissan ‘NFS Most Wanted’.

TAG YOUR CAR contest:

On 23rd August, 2010, Interface organized an intra college event – “Nissan Tag Your Car”, as part of its Nissan Co-Branding Program. Participants were required to come up with a tagline based on the topic “Nissan: What`s in store for me”.
The event garnered an overwhelming response of more than 75 entries making it a daunting task for the judges to select the best of the best.
The competition was judged by Prof. Isaac Jacob. SUDEEP SHAH with the tagline: “DRIVE SMART, DRIVE NISSAN” won the 1st prize.

Nissan Need for Speed:

NISSAN Need for Speed, the event that was exhilarating, exciting and definitely fulfilled everyone’s Need for Speed. The most fascinating and thrilling PC game NFS Most Wanted was put to the test.

Contestants were given the NISSAN SKYLINE as the car to race through the event, which was a cause of much happiness among participants as many had already used NISSAN in the game before and knew that it was a very good car. The event started with around 50 participants playing the first round of a sprint race from which the best 12 gamers according to their lap timings were chosen for the quarter finals.

In the quarter finals the participants were divided into teams of 3. The final winner was Aditya Pastaria(PGDM-Finance) who was consistent with his timings and strategies from the beginning of the preliminary rounds.

All in all it was a very exciting event where more than winning it was about the thrill the gamers and even the onlookers had in the game and the event as a whole.


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