SAF – MAD AD Event

The Student Activity Forum(SAF) had organized a Mad Ad event for the first year students today . It had two rounds. In the first round the teams were given a product on the spot. Then they were given 4 min to think about it and come up with an advertisement for the product. The advertisement must be less than three min in duration. Some of the products given were nada, toothpaste, bathroom cleaner, soap etc. Totally 18 teams having 4 to 5 members each had participated. All the teams put up and amazing show and it was quiet difficult for the judges to decide which teams to pick for the second round. Ultimately the top five were selected and the competition just got tougher for the next round. In the second round they were given a product from one state and they had to make an advertisement to sell that product in the rural market of another state. For example they had to sell Punjabi pagdi in West Bengal, Tamil dhoti in Punjab, Gujarati dandia sticks in Bihar, Bihari gamcha in Gujarat etc. They had just 10 mins to think about it and come up with a product name, a tagline and perform the advertisement (of duration less than 3 mins). All the five teams put up a stupendous show and the audience was totally overwhelmed by the quality and variety in the advertisement of each of the teams. Finally the team from PGDM B consisting of Abhishek, Avishek, Sushma, Arjun and Joy was declared as the first runner up. The team from MMS having Ankur, Mahima, Stuti and Herat won the first prize. Their whole concept of selling Gujarati dandia sticks in rural Bihar was a huge hit with the audience and the judges and well in tune with the current festive season.


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