INTERFACE – Glimpses from the MindShare sessions…

MindShare – Knowledge Sessions

MindShare is the knowledge sharing initiative of INTERFACE (Marketing Forum of SIMSR) and is actively involved in organizing sessions where all the marketing enthusiasts sit together and discuss variety of topics ranging from marketing communications to branding to various marketing strategies etc

Here are the glimpses from some of the sessions over the past seven months!!

1 ) The first Knowledge Initiative (KI) session by Interface happened on 18th March, 2010

The presenters, Manthan and Harshita (PG-B) delivered an excellent overview on “Brand Dilution – when brands become verbs”. Through appropriate use of examples and illustrations, they were able to point out the perspectives and views held by parent companies of such brands.

The presentation was followed by a moderated discussion on the topic, open to all audience.

2) The next KI session was on “STRENGTHS OF BRANDING” held on March 29th, 2010.

The presenter was Yavnika Khanna of PG-A  and the audience benefitted from the session which was well supplemented with the presenter’s knowledge of marketing, having worked in that field.

3) The first session of the new academic year happened on 4th aug,2010 and it saw an amazing turnout in terms of audience. Besides the second years, the room was filled up by enthusiastic first year students. The reason for this could also be attributed to the topic chosen. Varun Abhiram from PG-Marketing took up a case in point and delivered a very engaging presentation on Marketing Lessons from “NINE INCH NAILS”. The Nine Inch Nails is a rock band that has utilized various innovative and unique marketing techniques. This was brought forth through a very interesting presentation by Varun.

4) 19th August, 2010 saw the first open discussion session on a famous marketing technique.

Ambush marketing is back centre-stage. This was evident in the promotions by Dove (HUL) to “ambush” those by Pantene (P&G).

It’s clever, but is it correct? That was the question that the audience sought an answer to. Besides the latest example, past history of this concept of marketing was also discussed and the various views and angles to it were explored.

5) On 27th August, 2010, a group from MMS-Marketing presented on Integrated Marketing Communications – IMC ( via a ‘live’ performance). This was an academic presentation done by the team as part of their curriculum. It was rendered in front of students from different classes on popular demand and after strong recommendation by Prof. Isaac. This was a unique presentation that had been preceded by an equally unique teaser campaign.

6) On 30th September, 2010, Sankalp Chugh and Abhishek Dwiwedi, winners of the IMT Nagpur marketing competition, delivered their winning presentation on “Building brand through Recruitment advertising for CONVERGYS”. The idea was to orient people about the method used by the winning team and to take a lesson from the same that could be helpful in future participation by other students in similar competitions


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