Ennovate @ SIMSR

        I had wings to reach the heights,

         but I didn’t know how to fly.

      I had my eyes set on my goal,

       but didn’t know how to reach for the sky.

For all those people, who have ideas, but didn’t know how to develop them. For all those people, who have their goals set, but didn’t know which path to take, SIMSR E-cell presented E-nnovate, a B plan workshop held on 1st Sept 2010 at the seminar hall which drew a packed house.

Conducted by Professor Radha Iyer, Faculty of Entrepreneurship & Human Resource Development, E -nnovate was an introduction to the art of B plan writing. E-nnovate provided basics for shaping one’s intangible idea and also transforming it into a tangible B-plan.

E-nnovate started with information on various national and international B-plan contests where the students can participate with their B plans. Some of the upcoming contests mentioned were- Empressario at NITIE, Mumbai; Eureka at IIT, Mumbai; Techriti at IIT, Kanpur and so on.

Further Professor Radha Iyer shed light on the basic areas a B-plan should focus on. A broad classification of this would be executive summary, company overview, market environment, marketing & sales strategy, operations, financial plan etc.

As professor Radha Iyer has been a part of the evaluation team in various B plan contests in the past, she shared some pointers on general parameters on which a B-plan is evaluated.

The second part of E-nnovate saw a presentation by Suryoprahar team, the regional winners of ACARA Challenge, an international B-plan contest.

For all those who attended the workshop, judging both by their numbers and by their enthusiastic response, it surely was a great learning experience. For all those who couldn’t, the opportunity is not lost. Watch out for the sector specific B-plan workshops which are coming soon, only at SIMSR.


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