Convocation: Batch 2008-10

While life moves on there are certain memories you never wish to leave behind. For the students of SIMSR, the times they have spent in the institute will always be cherished. The convocation of the batch of 2008-10 was an occasion for all the students to come together and relive those days.

The convocation was held on the 28th of August, preceded by a friendly basketball match between the students of the current batches and the alumni.

 The event started at 7:00 pm with the Chief guest for the day, Shri. S. Sridhar, chairman and M.D of Central Bank of India, lighting the inaugural lamp. As he delivered the opening speech he reminisced about his days as a student and the importance of an occasion, such as this, where one reconnects with his alma mater. The Director General, Dr. Narsimhan then took the podium and began by congratulating the batch on their achievements and wished them the best for their future, reminding them that their bond with the institution was a strong one and that they could always come back for all though they had passed out, they were for the institute,  its very own.

The proudest of all however on this day were the faculty. Pride was evident in their eyes as they watched their students walk up the dais to collect their scrolls. Once unsure and unpolished, today striding confidently in to the world, the faces of the teachers lit up as they recognised each of their pupils.  Many of the students had brought along their parents and families on this significant occasion and they cheered on from the audience.


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