Convocation ’10- Settling Old Scores

The convocation was a day not just for the senior batch to be back in campus and reminisce about the wonderful times they have spent here, but also of an old rivalry. One that left wounds that would not heal.

The rivalry began with the drubbing of the then junior basket ball Team (batch 09-11), a massacre  led by Captain Deepak Malhotra (PG Finance 08-10) and his trusted Lieutenant Vikrant Rana( PG IB 08-10).

The juniors were smarting but all was not lost, an opportunity presented itself in the form of a rematch during the convocation. Both teams grabbed the opportunity, one for retribution the other for total supremacy. Only one could emerge victorious.

On a surprisingly hot and sunny Saturday afternoon , both teams took centre stage and the game was officially on. With Deepak, Rana, KMC(Kumar Mangalam Chaudhary, PG Finance and Ex-Sports head), Rajji (Rajat Lauria, PG Marketing and Team Manager) and Vikas (PG Finance) forming the playing 5 for the super-seniors. The junior team had a quite a line-up with the newest kids on the block, our batch of 2010-12 providing additional fire power.

Once the game got underway, the atmosphere was charged with some great physical blocks, taps, quick passes and some mighty fine plays. As the game progressed it became clear that the Senior team was ill prepared for such a massive onslaught from the Juniors, who kept piling the pressure, causing them to haemorrhage point after point, and slowly shutting them out of the game.

When the final whistle was blown, sweet revenge had arrived with the score card reading 45-35 in favour of the junior team and the best part was, after all this it didn’t matter who won or lost, everyone enjoyed the game and were anxiously waiting for the next such opportunity.


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